Deirdre Bolton

Communications Expert, Content Creator, TV Show Producer, and Journalist


About Deirdre

Deirdre Bolton is a well-known and trusted media personality with a comprehensive understanding of finance, global markets, along with numerous other areas of expertise. A master of communication, she is able to distill complicated subjects, and convey them clearly and quickly. Bolton is an award-winning television host and has been the editorial voice of every show she has created. She has earned top-level access to key players in the business and political communities who value her judgement in content, context and tone.

Bolton began her career in institutional equity sales at CDC North America and Société Générale. She completed most of her undergraduate and graduate coursework in France, and holds a degree in English and French literature from the University of Iowa and a master's degree from New York University. Bolton has lived in Paris, London, and Singapore, in addition to her current home in New York City, where she is raising two boys and a mischievous dog. 


During her tenure as a journalist, Deirdre Bolton has served as a television show producer and host, an award-winning field reporter, a NYSE and NASDAQ Markets reporter, a Breaking News reporter, and a Financial / Economic Correspondent. Here are some highlights.

Women & Money with Deirdre Bolton
Created the only female-focused TV show to address challenging financial and professional issues (New York, 2017-present)

Singapore Summit
Non-stop, around the clock 72-hour coverage of historic meeting between South Korea, the U.S. and North Korea (Singapore, 2018)

Allen & Company Tech and Media Conference
Coverage and conversations with Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Jeff Bezos and others. (Sun Valley, Idahoe, July 2018)

Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton, Fox Business Network
Created "Money Moves" at Bloomberg, sold show to Fox, where it gained record ratings for its time slot. (New York, 2014-2017)

Fox Business Contributor, 2016 Presidential Primary Coverage
Calculated candidates’ odds of carrying counties and/or states. All significant contests (New York, 2016)

Breaking News Reporter: New York and Paris Terror Attacks
(New York, September 11, 2001 & Paris, November 13, 2015)

Disruption Bowl Tech Conference
Moderated four panels in front of 50 industry influencers. Guests: Sir Richard Branson, and other tech titans. (Necker Island, BVI, 2015)

The World Economic Forum
Conducted a riveting one-on-one post-crisis interview discussing subject’s crucial role in the financial crisis in front of 3,000 people. Guest: Larry Summers (Seoul, South Korea, 2011)

The Early Show, CBS
Daily Correspondent/”Financial Explainer,” during the credit crisis and aftermath. (New York, 2008-2010)

Exclusive Television Interviews, Titans of Business and Celebrities
Conducted and booked one-on-one interviews with: Bill Ackman, Jessica Alba, Sheila Bair, Elaine Chao, H. Rodgin Cohen, Victor Cruz, Mark Cuban, Caterina Fake, James Franco, Adena Friedman, Jonathan Gray, Dule Hill, Peter Thiel, Mark Wahlberg, and Venus Williams, among others.


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Deirdre Bolton Breaking News Reel

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Women & Money with Deirdre Bolton